We all like a luxury lifestyle but not everyone can comfortably afford it. Let’s get nerdy and design and develop a 6-star luxury bedroom yourself.

If you have read this blog, you may already have some ideas on the possibilities of a smart home. In case you didn’t, here is a small recap.

The central brains

A smart bedroom requires a smart home. And a smart home requires central brains. The brains will translate the voice into a…

Virtually everybody is talking about remote attacks (via the network). But there is such a thing as a physical attack. Your digital connection into a corporate office may be protected, but what about when you enter the corporate office via the front door? Especially applicable as now the work-from-home orders are being lifted.

Accessing a secure area by offering a security badge. Is this really secure?

Most larger offices have some sort of security gate system installed that you can only pass if you have a valid security badge. But is this system properly secured? Most security gates will open if you offer a valid badge. And no checks are performed to compare the photo on…

Don’t get me wrong. I still think Azure Sentinel is a great security product. But just not for me. Well, at least not yet. And I will tell you why I made this decision.

Azure Sentinel Dashboard

In this blog and this blog, I wrote how easy it is to set up your Azure Sentinel workspace, how to connect the first log sources, and about my initial experiences.

But that was just during the proof-of-concept phase. And many months have passed since.

Too expensive

Migrating data to and in…

The sole thing Bob desires to express is ‘I love you, Alice.’ And Alice should be the only one to hear this message. What are the options for Bob? A short article about which options Bob has for secure communication.

Secure communications are crucial nowadays.

If you analyze this text, you can identify only the following requirement:

  • Only Alice should be the one to hear this message

Which options does Bob have?

Option 1 — Same room

The most simplistic solution is to put Alice and Bob in one room. It is important this is room is protected against any…

A hacker is sharing his experiences. All the way from early reconnaissance to complete takeover of a corporate network and encrypting and ex-filtrating all the corporate data. Sometimes it is just way too simple. Step into the world of a hacker, observe and learn.

Photo by Normann Photography

Chapter 01 — Will you see me?

Chapter 02 — The coding

Chapter 03 — Ding dong

Chapter 04 — Now you’re mine

Chapter 05 — The double extortion

Chapter 06 — I want them. Dead or Alive.

Chapter 07 — The forensic agent

But don’t be fooled by this fictional story. It contains many elements which exist. If you don’t pay enough attention, you clearly can be on the list of potential targets. You might even be next in line…

The CISO is furious, but he moreover knows he needs to keep it together. The upcoming weeks are determining the rest of his career and if Gillevan Bank will survive this attack. He knows from earlier experiences and from observing other companies who suffered a major cyberattack that surviving a…

The second day of Spring Break partying. The life of a student. But I am sort of stressed as I forgot to charge my smartphone. I have only 30% battery left. Although I could inquire Paul if I could borrow his charger. However, it means I have to leave my…

While I am partying with my girlfriend, the attack continues. 5 pm has passed, and the crafted file has been uploaded to the media. It shouldn’t take that long before somebody from Gillevan Bank is going react. Many people at the party are talking about some. …

What is the mindset of our adversary? Do they think all the same? As a security professional or if you are responsible for creating and maintaining a security defensive posture you need to know and understand the mindset of your adversary because if you don’t, it is considerably more problematic to create a well-defined defensive security posture. And then it is just a waiting game until your security is breached.

As a security professional or if you are responsible for creating and maintaining a security defensive posture you need to have both a defensive (blue) and offensive (red) mindset.

I will split the adversary into three (3) groups. Simplistic, Opportunistic, and Advanced. Per group, I will describe roughly what kind of attacks you may expect.

Simplistic adversary

I am currently receiving for a couple of weeks the heartbeat of each zombie. From the 750 zombies, only two are considered to be dead. They are not calling home anymore. The other devices are. Well, at least most of the time. This most likely means that next to servers…

Richard de Vries

A passionate security professional who shares his knowledge, wisdom, and experiences to ensure we can make the world a little bit safer one step at a time.

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